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Generate leads with Facebook pixel

17 September 2017

Generate leads with Facebook pixel

A number of users are what gives Facebook strength. But, what more can we find behind this users number? DATA!

Facebook has the largest online database of information about all of us who has a profile. What`s even better, it has a great way of categorizing it and using it for marketing purposes. Many businesses owe their success to this platform, and much more are still using it. One of the features that made the great improvement on ad serving is definitely Facebook pixel. What is this pixel all about?

Facebook pixel is a simple code which after being embed into your website, gather information about visitors and use them for remarketing and retargeting type of campaigns in many ways. Let’s say you are running subscription campaign for education courses. You will most likely use social media platforms to present your project and content, and you will use advertising to drive traffic to your website. People will come to your pages, see everything, bear it somewhere in their already busy minds and most probably they will forget about it. So, there is a job for our pixel. We can now easily send another set of ads to all the users that have visited our website, or any specific web page, and have them updated about our product later when they are not on our site anymore. Also, we can do remarketing campaigns for all users that have bought our products or services or have come to our “thank you” page.

One of the greatest things that pixel brought to us is another algorithm. Smart one. Type of algorithm that learns about users behavior and allows us to optimize campaigns based on that data. Very powerful tool when it comes to online advertising. So, now we can optimise our pixel to track all the users who lookalike that one, or many, that have bought something from your webshop.

So basically, we place our pixel, or some other pixel event, on a page that we need to collect data from, and then let the pixel learn about people who are likely to repeat that action. After pixel gathers enough information, we can optimize our campaign to follow this knowledge and just sit and watch how our conversions grow.

Very important thing about this is to understand our user’s behavior in order to know how to use pixel in the right way because it’ss easy to gather lot of unwanted and “confuse” the algorithm. That’s why we first need good online sales strategy and a good landing page or website that can clear out all the unwanted data from our pixel.

Once we have our pixel set and running, we can use it for even more micro-targeting actions. This means that we can create multiple messages and serve them to the users that are more likely than ever to take action after viewing it. Using all of this processes, our campaigns are getting even more optimized, and we can have better information about our creative and ads and their performance. Also, our ROI can be set to the best performing level which at the end result in the highest profit for your online business.

In future, there will be even more features that allow us to do more precise targeting and technology will lead us to the point where we can create really personalized campaigns that have higher conversion rates. For online marketers, this is the great news, and for the client’s event better. This is a great chance to really get to know your customers on the different level and to create campaigns that have the great impact on them. If you like this idea, feel free to contact us and have a talk about your business and ways to improve it even more.