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How to Post Your Blogs to Instagram? I’ll Show You How.

3 September 2017

How to Post Your Blogs to Instagram? I’ll Show You How.

I’m very surprised that more people aren’t using this method. Might be ‘cuz you need some graphic design in order for it to work.

So, you know the multi-image upload that Instagram had introduced a few months ago? The one where you slide right to reveal more pics in the same post? Well, we’re going to need that feature today.

Ingredients needed:

An image-editing program (I recommend Photoshop, but Canva can probably do the same)
Your actual blog content
A dash of graphic design skills


1. Get the title of the blog in huge letters and maybe overlay a relevant image in the background.

2. Then remove the title, and instead of it, paste your blog’s text. You can even add images or change the font of individual lines so it matches the formatting of your original blog.

(and don’t forget to fade the background image further if your text can’t be read easily, in this case I didn’t do that because the fade was good enough already)

3. Do this until you write out the entire blog post.

Just remember: The entire blog content should not exceed 9 images, because IG’s limit is 10 images per post and you need the 1st one for the catchy big-letters title.

And that’s it! If you wanna see this same blog on Instagram, go here.

By the way, if I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not seeing any amazing results with this method… but then again my account is tiny, I’m not the greatest writer, and I prefer to post my designs too.

So I reckon this will work much better for you.

Also, I love the meta feeling with this article. Can you feel the meta?

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by Bogdan Cekeverac